1. Success story

Union boss takes a beating on Maybrit Illner news magazine

Now, on Hart aber fair, he’s a hero thanks to Media training

Media training · PR strategy · Argumentation & Rhetoric

2. Success story

Production shift sends fatal signals to outstanding business leaders

CEO speaks powerfully to gain employee loyalty

Top Executive Coaching · Rhetoric

3. Success story

Dark horse agency too dependent on major customers

As No Name they win out over all big names on the market

Strategy coaching with presentation training

4. Success story

Press speaker fears humiliation and intends to cancel TV interview

Special media training shows him how to write the TV magazine script

Media training · Critical investigative journalists

5. Success story

Energy company CEO is called before the Minister of Finance 
In just 90 minutes we develop the appropriate strategy

Strategy coaching with presentation training

6. Success story

Rhetorically masterful Manager radiates negative presence

Presentation coaching gives him good vibrations

Top Executive Coaching · Body language · Presentation

7. Success story

Sexual abuse accusations threatens elite boarding school’s existence

Effective PR strategy enhances and improves image – better than pre-crisis

Crisis communication - Crisis PR

8. Success story

Employer union boss blackmailed prior to re-election 

Convincing communication strategy wards off his resignation

Crisis communication - Crisis PR

9. Success story

Entrepreneur in the cross-hairs of investigative journalists 

Image improvement following successful crisis-PR

Crisis communication - Crisis PR

10. Success story

Excellent rhetor’s authority takes a dive on Anne Will 

Specific media training heightens his credibility

Media training · Body language