Successfully avert image damage with crisis communication

“Me and my staff gained a high level of security. No matter if a provoking journalist comes calling or a shit storm looms, we’re optimally prepared for any scenario.”
Gero Hesse, CEO Territory Embrace, Gruner & Jahr, Bertelsmann Corporation

Inept crisis communication can inflict significant damage to your image, income and profits. Sending out the right signals goes beyond damage control and can even improve your corporate image.

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Take the offensive – embed positive messages – influence public opinion. As a former investigative journalist, he knows exactly how the opposition ticks. Profit directly from Tilman Billing’s successful crisis communication concept.

There are plenty of crisis consultants. Tilman Billing is the only one who has already dueled with mega-corporations such as Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Bahn AG and Citigroup. Once himself a critical investigative reporter – featured in ARD & ZDF news magazines such as Frontal, Report Mainz, Fakt and Panorama – he knows exactly how critical journalists tick. Applying his insider knowledge, he has developed effective counter-strategies.

Inhouse and outgoing communication must be optimally attuned. Tilman Billing advises corporations, organizations, politicians and prominent managers and athletes. His triumphant approach uses the looming PR debacle for constructive ends.

Invest in a crisis-prevention workshop. In an acute crisis, contact Tilman Billing Kommunikation immediately. Time is of the essence in crisis communication.

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Polish your armor now and master your crisis with perfectly placed positive messages instead of amassing negative headlines!

Crisis PR workshops and practical training, simulating realistic scenarios, optimally prepare you for future crises.

Put your trust in Tilman Billing. Like no other crisis consultant in Germany, his investigative journalistic experience lets him know exactly how to positively influence critical public media, especially on social media channels.

Tilman Billing Kommunikation, along with Kienbaum, Strategy&, PwC and Roland Berger, is a project and cooperation partner of the WifOR Institute (Technische Universität Darmstadt– Technische Universität Berlin).

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