A juristic position is often diametrically opposed to the public’s moral sensibilities.

In a crisis, most business leaders and companies turn to attorneys for advice. This is necessary in legal disputes. However, in a legal crisis, it is a fatal mistake to completely surrender public relations to your legal advisors. There are countless examples. Nowadays, legal disputes are more a matter of media coverage than courtroom proceedings. Something many prominent people have had to learn most painfully. Thus, do not rely wholly on your expert attorneys. Also draw on Tilman Billing’s journalistic professionalism and crisis PR expertise. Together, with your legal assistance, he will develop the most effective communication strategy.

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Law book paragraphs have little to say when the media publicly condemns or acquits a given dispute. Judgement is passed according to gut feeling; according to what readers and viewers deem right or wrong.

Support your legal position with communication and bring the general public over to your side. Prevent damage to your image, profit losses and impetuous condemnation arising from scandalous media reporting. Tilman Billing’s customized consultation and media training, guides you effectively to a dominant media stance in legal disputes, positively influencing public opinion.

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His lengthy journalistic career with critical news magazines such as Frontal, Fakt und Panorama taught Tilman Billing to master scandalization with virtuosity. Today, his clients benefit enormously from his well-tuned antenna, precisely predicting which acts or statements invoke positive or negative emotional response. Take advantage of his expertise and experience to guide your specific crisis. Together with Kienbaum, Strategy&, PwC and Roland Berger, Tilman Billing Kommunikation is a project and cooperation partner of the WifOR Institute (Technische Universität Darmstadt – Technische Universität Berlin).

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