Live simulation of a worst-case crisis scenario.
Avert free-fall with professional, successful crisis communication

We offer you a live simulation of a realistic crisis situation specifically tailored to your business, your field and your target group. You can book training sessions and consultations handling the following issues:

Content options

  • Inhouse communication between management and workforce
  • Communication with all relevant stakeholders (including business partners, etc.)
  • Generating the first press release
  • Target group-oriented communication on relevant social media channels
  • Website communication and/or activating your dark site
  • Carrying out a press conference
  • Statement / direct words from the CEO / Executives on camera
  • Crisis manual crash-test for a worst-case scenario
  • Analysis, assessment, feedback and improvement suggestions on the same day

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Simulate the worst-case scenario and be optimally prepared. Minimize damage to your business in a crisis with confident, impressive communication.

A long-standing critical, investigative journalist for Frontal & Panorama, Tilman Billing, trains you effectively. He puts you in a prime position to influence public opinion with positive messages.

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