Tilman Billing – Your keynote speaker. Three impressive talks

1. Be authentic –  Professional presentations
Selected by Süddeutsche Zeitung for the SZWissensforum
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2. Parade of the Powerful – how Trump, Merkel and Putin promote their images and what business leaders can learn from them
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3. Single-shot bull’s eye in crises
Crisis communication – fatal errors and success strategies
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“Your motivational speech was a major contribution to our event’s overall success!”

Frank T., Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG

1. Be authentic – Professional presentations

Entertaining and edifying, Tilman Billing was invited by SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG to give this talk at their SZ Wissensforum.

Over 90% of all executives fail to invoke top performance qualities when under pressure. Billing has developed four power tools to profoundly increase your credibility and selling power, especially when the chips are down. Exciting celebrity examples as well as practical pointers, show you how to increase your success.

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2. Parade of the powerful – how Trump, Merkel and Putin promote their images and what business leaders can learn from them

Discover the secrets to success that brought political leaders such as Trump, Merkel and Putin to the pinnacle and how proficiently they play the piano of power. Surprisingly, they often use remarkably simple tricks that you can apply for your own benefit.

Not only did Tilman Billing interview the German Chancellor for ARD television, his journalistic insider view allowed him to observe and analyze the powerful of this world, gaining valuable insights.

This diverting, informative and fascinating lecture can be beneficial to anyone whose position entail convincing other people

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3. Single-shot bull’s eye in crisis communication – fatal errors and success strategies

In over seven years of investigative journalism for ARD & ZDF television, Tilman Billing dueled with mega-conglomerates such as Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Bahn AG and Citigroup. For the past decade, he has brought his knowledge to head organizations, DAX corporations and mid-sized businesses, advising them on how to avert image-damage in a crisis and, in weal or woe, to positively influence their reputation with PR campaigns.

Applying his insider information gleaned while reporting for Frontal 21 and Panorama news programs, Billing is the ideal keynote speaker when it comes to effectively counteracting negative PR in digital and classic media. Audiences are given an incomparable glimpse into the world of undercover journalism, discover fascinating scenarios of companies fighting for their image and hear success stories about triumphant crisis communication and marketing genius.

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Tilman Billing is the only German presentation expert and media trainer to be selected by Süddeutsche Zeitung for their SZ Wissensforum. Tilman Billing is a Hermann Scherer and Scherer Academy partner.

Along with Kienbaum, Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) and Roland Berger, Tilman Billing is a project and cooperation partner of the WifOR Institute (Technische Universität Darmstadt – Technische Universität Berlin).