As hard as it can be, conditions like those on Frontal and Panorama

Every year, increasing critical investigative journalism is brought to viewers and readers. Even regional media is resorting to scandal to compensate for falling circulation or viewer ratings.

If you’re seeking an authentic crash-test under the direst conditions, then Tilman Billing is the right media trainer for you. He has worked for the most respected ARD & ZDF critical investigative reporting magazines, including Frontal, Fakt, Report Mainz and Panorama.

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How to retain your poise and confidence despite biased questions.

How to get a jump-start on biased reporters’ mindsets.
Lean to react to attacks with serenity.

No more back-to-the-wall positions.

Determine yourself what is printed or broadcast.

mbed positive messages in critical interviews.

Verbal attacks, just as in physical assault, activate specific hormones in your body. Human beings have only a few options when it comes to reacting to them. We become hurt, offended or aggressive. Tilman Billing has developed a method for retaining your poise and calm, even when the questions are underhanded. His methods allow you to save your strength for responding with well-founded, convincing answers.

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