TV appearances – smooth ascent or crash landing? 

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“Tilman Billing takes top business leaders down the fast lane
to successful, authentic TV appearances.”
Thomas Greiner, CEO · Dussmann Group, Berlin

The opportunities are manifold: Your regional TV station invites you to a studio talk; ARD or ZDF request you make a short statement; Monitor has targeted you; Peter Kloeppel wants a live transmission interview or Frank Plasberg puts you in the hot seat. Every TV appearance can mark your downfall or your ascent. A media coach with substantial insider knowledge is decisive.

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Chief editor, TV director, news reporter and investigative journalist

He interviewed Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz, among others, for news formats such as Tagesschau, ZDF-Morgenmagazin, Hallo Deutschland, ARD-Mittagsmagazin and ARD-Nachtmagazin. At a young age, Tilman Billing became editorial director of a local TV station in Berlin. He trained as a TV editor, presenter and TV reporter at SWR with guest stations at ARD’s capital city studio and ZDF’s Southeast Europe studio. He was a reporter for NDR, MDR, HR, RBB and SWR. He worked as a TV director for ZDF and as an investigative journalist for Frontal, Report Mainz, Fakt and Panorama, among others. He gained experience abroad in Istanbul, Amsterdam, Oslo, Vienna and Paris, among other places.

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Zoom in on your TV appearance success

Make the most of the success factors and countless, immediately applicable insider pointers Tilman Billing has developed for your benefit. Your training must be as individual as you are, personally designed, intensive TV coaching.

Gain poise, credibility and power of persuasion. In only four hours – guaranteed. See for yourself by watching the video recordings at the end of your training session.

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Training content menu

  • Timing: Get to the point, in just a few words
  • Clarity: The simpler, the better. Sticking to essentials
  • Body language: Understanding and consciously wielding the power of nonverbal communications
  • Clothing: What you wear influences your body language message
  • Voice training: Register and accentuation are often decisive
  • Diction: Why doing something is better than taking measures
  • Rhetoric: Opening and closing words are often the Alpha and Omega
  • Wavelength: When to talk shop with my target group?
  • Conflict: How to react to an interviewer’s provocation?
  • Background: Which background supports your competence? Which weakens it?
  • Presence: Convince your audience with poise, credibility and authenticity
  • Dominance: Be powerfully present

Trust Germany’s media trainer with powerful onsite TV experience.

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