Enhance your credibility and powers of persuasion in just four hours

Most top executives lose momentum when it comes to important speeches and presentations. Tilman Billing has developed four components to ensure you are successful when the chips are down. Book a private coaching session or group training with Tilman Billing – among Germany’s presentation experts for the SZ-Wissensforum selected by the SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG.

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“The concrete value of Billing’s coaching was extremely high in the short term, midterm and long term. He is the best executive coach for media appearance, rhetoric, body language and outstanding presentations.”

Martin Barthel, longtime top manager at Gucci, Ebay and Meta (Facebook)

Portray austerity programs with conviction – gain clients and investors

Explain an austerity program to your workforce. Gain new major clients for your enterprise. Let impressive appearances lay the next stepping stone in your career. Use immediately applicable tools to enhance your poise, credibility and powers of persuasion.

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The Frontal journalist is your ideal sparring partner

Tilman Billing, long-standing ARD & ZDF journalist, is your ideal sparring partner. Apply his methods, embedding core messages that impress and convince your stakeholders. As ZDF director, he knows exactly how you can apply nonverbal communication for an outstanding performance. A four-hour top executive coaching session is sufficient to enhance your performance noticeably. See for yourself on the video recordings at the end of the session.

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Perfectly poised speeches, video conferences and presentations

Whether plenum, trade event or video conference, your confidence shines out, your words are remembered. Your content convinces stakeholders, emotionally and intellectually. Naturally, all sessions are absolutely confidential.

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