Nonverbal communication inspires trust and credibility

Whether you are giving your superiors a strategic report, conducting a presentation for a key client or making a public appearance – your body language and your voice speaks volumes about your credibility.

Improve your body language & your voice with TV director and media trainer Tilman Billing. Gain even more credibility, trust and persuasiveness through authentic body language & a convincing voice.

With years of TV directing experience at ZDF and as primary coach for German television’s most respected talk shows, Tilman Billing became an expert when it comes to body language. Working in close cooperation with Frank Asmus — a dedicated student of Samy Molcho, The Body Language Guru (Focus magazine) — At ARD he received a training as a professional speaker and presenter. Tilman Billing specializes in helping leaders to achieve higher credibility and competence values through improved body language and confidende-building voice.

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