Shine at events - Lead discussions skilfully

Interview and moderation training with top executive coach Tilman Billing.
Individually combinable according to your wishes:

• Analysis of prior appearances
• Your role as a moderator and interviewer
• Generating a strength-weakness profile
• Strengthen your strengths
• Expand your interview and questioning competence
• What to do to make you and your interviewee feel at home
• How to increase your status as a female facilitator versus alpha animals
• Portray leadership charisma
• Disarm interview partners with surprising questions

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Leading through questions - showing sovereignty when provoked -
Spark exciting discussions - create elegant transitions

• Handling provocative counter questions
• Inspire lively audience discussion with your questioning style
• As moderator – generate intelligent entertainment, never boredom
• Create elegant transitions
• Get to the point, short and sweet
• Slow down or accelerate the flow of speech of the interview partners in an elegant way
• Successful openings and closures
• Pitch and enunciation are often decisive
• Handling flubs and mistakes with poise
• Make use of your stage fright
• Speak eloquent body language
• Increase your credibility and authenticity

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