Meet the challenge of difficult and complex issues: 
Motivate employees – convince business partners – inspire customers

»In no time at all, Billing makes successful boards and executives even more successful. «
Prof. Dr. Dennis Ostwald, CEO, WifOR-Institute (TU Berlin, TU Darmstadt)

You are an outstanding attorney, business economist, natural scientist or engineer. Yet, somehow, your lectures and presentations do not inspire the desired staff motivation, partner enthusiasm or customer response. Within just a few hours, Tilman Billing’s presentation training will bolster your power of conviction.

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Keep your audience receptive

Every TV program’s viewing rate is measured per second. If viewers don’t understand something or lose interest, they immediately zap to another program. The same is true for live audiences. Tilman Billing knows exactly what you need to do to keep your audiences receptive.

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Get your message across

Backed by many years of TV reporting, Tilman Billing is a specialist in concisely conveying to highly knowledgeable people how audiences truly receive key messages.

Authenticity speaks body language

Your body language speaks volumes. As ZDF director, Tilman Billing concentrated on strengthening his prominent players’ nonverbal charisma.

The heart of the matter

Touch your staff and business partners perceptively. Targeted presentation training with Tilman Billing teaches you to arouse positive feelings in your audience, to convince, motivate and even inspire them – no matter how challenging your topic may be.

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