Story-Telling: Captivate and impress

  • Good stories ensnare our thoughts, conjure up images and touch our hearts.
  • Every study has a counter-study. There is no debating true, personally experienced stories.
  • When a speaker blacks out, numbers, dates and facts vanish. Stories remain accessible.
  • Numbers are hard to remember. Stories burrow deep into memory.
  • People love to tell and re-tell a good story and so, spread your message.

Your Benefits

  • Discover how you can improve your personal performance and the impact of your message.
  • Especially in challenging negotiations, a story can carry a greater power of persuasion.
  • A story sparks your listeners’interest, your message touches them emotionally.

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Content options

  • Strategic story-telling in businesses
  • How, why and when are stories effective?
  • Modern Story-telling Top Ten
  • Impactful and suggestive communication
  • Identify, convince, appreciate — story-telling in talks, negotiations, lectures, etc.
  • Meaningful narrative to simplify complexities
  • Learn and apply basic, impressive story-telling patterns
  • How to structure a good story
  • Learn and apply the instruments of dramaturgical arts
  • Speak to the senses and emotions
  • Discover a story’s relevance to your topic and to your company
  • Problems and problem-solving in stories
  • Embodying story-telling
  • Pithy and lively formulation
  • Purposeful application of story-telling
  • Sincerely motivate employees; convince critics and skeptics

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Impressive communication and persuasiveness with story-telling. Learn how story-telling embeds your core messages more effectively and impresses your listeners more deeply. His many years of experience as a journalist and ZDF director have taught Tilman Billing precisely how captivating stories touch, motivate and thrill people.

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